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Cabinetry Painting


Cabinetry painting is primarily for kitchen, office and bathroom cabinets. Below is a Detailed Breakdown for a common cabinetry paint job.​


Over time your cabinets can start to look dated. The color of your cabinets reflect the overall style of the room they're in. Your cabinets can have marks, hand prints, peeling, chipping, and be loose on the hinges. 


If you want to update your cabinet color, change the feeling of the room, or clean up dingy cabinets, then it's time to give us a call.

Do your cabinets have any of the issues in the Why section? Give us a call today and we can help 949-505-3155.

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Detailed Breakdown of Cabinetry Paint Job

Moving the Furniture

We make sure to protect your furniture, art, and hanging picture frames. They are moved to the center of each room so that we can mask them all together. This protects them so that everything stays spotless from paint. 



To ensure the painting project is kept clean we will mask everything. We will use plastic, paper, and painters tape. This is usually done at the beginning of the project.


Spray Zone

We will set up a spray zone for all the doors and drawers. The garage is the perfect place for this sprays  zone. It allows your cabinets to have a perfect final finish. 


Prepare Doors and Drawers

We make a map of where each door and drawer goes. We then remove each piece and set them up in the spray zone to be sanded. After sanding we move to the priming phase.



Primer is crucial to protect most surfaces. It also sets up the perfect surface to adhere to for painting. This should always be done over patched areas or new surfaces.


Spray Lacquer Two Coats

We spray two coats of lacquer to ensure the finish is perfect. Once the lacquer coats are finished you will start to see that beautiful glow of the lacquer on your cabinetry. 


Clean Up

After the painting is finished we start to clear up the masking. We put everything into trash bags and haul the trash away for you. Once the clean up is done you will be able to tell how beautiful your home has become.


Touch Up

Touchup is done for free after a project. If there is a mark or a scratch or a drip on the home we will ensure its fixed before we leave. 


Final Words

When the above steps are taken we have a two year limited warranty on our work.

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